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3 Original Family Classics

Adventure, Family, Western
3 Original Family Classics
On a sprawling ranch in rural Utah, Neldra and Murdock (Michael Ansara) are adding a new member to their household—the only child of their deceased daughter, a grandson named Seth. But because of his disapproval of her interracial marriage, Murdock hadn't spoken to his daughter in years, and he's not thrilled to be housing her offspring. Now Murdock and Seth must overcome their differences and work together—especially when a rogue grizzly bear threatens the livestock.

When wealthy farmer Tobias Brown (Lee Marvin) happens upon a young runaway named Biarn (Brandon De Wilde), he grudgingly gives the boy a ride to his home in the town of Delphi. Known as a hard-nosed man, Tobias takes Biarn under his wing, teaching the boy tough lessons about farming and the ways of the world. As Biarn grows into a man, he also grows on the people of Delphi. Before he knows it, Biarn has found the home he's been searching for.

Sam's sister, Molly, is kidnapped by a Native American tribe. With only his courage and determination to guide him, Sam journeys into a harsh, unforgiving land to save her. Along the way, Russian (Richard Boone), a colorful beaver trapper familiar with the West, befriends Sam and offers to help him find his sister. A thrilling adventure unfolds as the two face savage tribes, follow an unpredictable trail of clues, and learn to survive with little in a barren land.

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