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A Killing Affair

A Killing Affair
Principal Cast
Peter Weller, Kathy Baker, John Glover, Bill Smitrovich, Rhetta Hughes
In this steamy, psychological thriller, a widowed woman finds herself falling in love with her husband's murderer but is torn between wanting to believe his reasons for committing the heinous crime, and questioning whether or not he is really a manipulating, homicidal maniac.

Pink Gresham (Bill Smitrovich), the murdered man, was hated by many. The mill workers he supervised despised him because he used his status and power to seduce their wives. Gresham's killer, Baston Morris (Peter Weller), was one such worker—and the only one with enough guts to take his revenge. As the story unfolds, Morris reveals that his wife and kids were brutally slain by Gresham, thus propelling him to commit murder in an act of retribution. This shocking revelation sends Gresham's wife Maggie (Kathy Baker) into a downward spiral of shock and disbelief.

Maggie's regret for her husband's despicable actions combined with her undeniable physical attraction to Baston make her want to help him, and she allows him to take refuge on her property. But the more Maggie learns about Baston, the more she questions whether he is telling the truth, or if he is merely toying with her for his own sick enjoyment.

But Baston isn't the only one who is haunted by his past, nor is he the only one with secrets to hide. Maggie has also been running from her sordid past, and just like Baston, she's buried a few secrets of her own—

Rated R / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered