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Aces 'N Eights

Aces 'N Eights
Principal Cast
Casper Van Dien, Bruce Boxleitner, Ernest Borgnine
Craig R. Baxley
Thurmond Prescott (Ernest Borgnine) doesn't have much, but he does have his ranch. So when the expanding railroad threatens to buy up his property to build, there's no way Prescott is going down willingly. With the help of his right-hand man, Luke (Casper Van Dien), Prescott is about to face some of the baddest henchmen in the West, including the quick-triggered Tate (Jeff Kober). It's a fight to the death when big egos wield even bigger guns in this gritty Texas tale.
Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Widescreen