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Action Classics Volume 1

Action Classics Volume 1
Principal Cast
Peter Falk, Jack Betts, Robert Christie, Barbara Lord, John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Dennis Moore, Barton MacLane, Charles Bickford, Carole Matthews, Marie Windsor
Peter Falk takes the lead in this captivating crime drama as Nico—a small-time street hustler who sells drugs to beatnik clubs in the late fifties. The head of his gang of losers, Nico leads his group of social misfits into the world of murder for pleasure.

Enter Cliff (Jack Betts)—a young man who wants to know who caused the death of his younger brother by giving him a hamburger laced with ground glass. When McLeod (Robert Christie), the detective assigned to the case, proves himself to be inept at investigative work, Cliff takes matters into his own hands; and with the help of a friend (Barbara Lord), the unlikely pair set out to uncover the truth and to reveal Nico and his gang of outcasts as the vile perpetrators.

Convicted murderer Frank Webster (John Ireland) has broken out of prison and is on the lam. At a lonely wayside diner, Frank thinks he's found his ticket to freedom: Connie Adair (Dorothy Malone) and the rally car she's transporting. The former trucker and felon takes Connie hostage and heads for Mexico. As the pair hurtles toward Frank's target destination, Connie begins to see him as an innocent man who's been forced into committing violent acts. The more she discovers about her desperate captor, the more she becomes a willing accessory to Frank's flight. Soon they are on the run together, but before Connie can convince Frank to turn himself in and prove he was framed, the authorities begin swiftly moving in. In a fast and furious race to the border, what will become of this duo of romantic renegades? Find out in the heart-stopping conclusion of The Fast and the Furious…

Johnny (Dennis Moore) has been sent up-river for forging a ten-dollar check to buy medicine for his sickly mother. His new cellmate Red Manson (Barton MacLane), one of the toughest cons in the joint, is plotting his escape from the pen—a breakout scheme that has Johnny caught dead in the middle. Meanwhile, Father Joe (Charles Bickford), the prison's chaplain, is trying desperately to lead Johnny down the path of righteousness. As the countdown to the prison break begins, Johnny must choose whether to join the group of mutineers as they square off against the prison guards or whether to fight against them. Unfortunately for Johnny, both choices may lead to a terrible end…

Swamp Women, an action drama brought to the silver screen by Roger Corman, tells the tale of Lee (Carole Matthews), a policewoman who infiltrates an all-female criminal gang that is serving time in a Louisiana prison. Upon breaking out of jail, the gang heads for the swamp to dig up the fortune in diamonds they've hidden there. It looks as though they'll get away with their criminal activities until dissension begins to spread through the ranks, resulting in knock-down, drag-out fights between them. Can Officer Lee make sense of the mayhem and bring the women to justice, or will she fall victim to the violence?

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered