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Action Classics Volume 2

Action Classics Volume 2
Principal Cast
Frankie Darro, Frank Coghlan Jr., Grant Withers, Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew, Regis Toomey, John Wayne, Johnny Mack Brown, Noel Francis, Marjorie Beebe, George Cooper
Boys' Reformatory, a film about juvenile delinquency, features Frankie Darro as lead character Tommy, an orphaned teen who takes the rap for his foster brother Eddie's (Frank Coghlan Jr.) crime in order to spare his foster mother's feelings. Tommy's punishment is to do time in a gloomy reformatory for boys, where he makes friends with the institution's physician, Dr. Owens (Grant Withers). Owens, a staunch advocate for better conditions in youth detention centers, assists Tommy in getting a brief reprieve from reform school. With this time off, Tommy takes to the streets to hunt down the crooks responsible for introducing Eddie to a life of crime.

Forest ranger Don Bradley (Robert Lowery) has been vying for a supervisory position in the Dark Mountain district. Once promoted, Bradley had planned on asking Kay (Ellen Drew), his childhood sweetheart, to marry him. Unfortunately, Kay has already married, and she is unaware that her husband Steve (Regis Toomey) is a big-time gangster—that is, until he murders two men in cold blood and becomes wanted "dead or alive." Not knowing where else to turn, Kay looks to her former boyfriend Don for help in escaping her bad-apple husband. Bradley comes to the rescue, but it looks like freeing Kay is going to be more difficult than he expected. The excitement comes to a head in a terrifying car chase through dangerous mountain passes that ends in a fatal car crash…

In this thrilling whodunit featuring John Wayne, master villain "The Wrecker" dons rubber masks to hide his identity as he works to sabotage the L&R Railroad to eliminate them as competition for a competing airline. When "The Wrecker" murders the railroad's lead engineer, his commercial pilot son Larry Baker (John Wayne) sets out to reveal the villain's true identity—a more difficult task than he expected. Not only are there a whole host of plausible suspects, but "The Wrecker" is a veritable chameleon who can disguise himself as almost anyone.

Charlie (Johnny Mack Brown) is a self-confident, young firefighter who valiantly saves a cat trapped in a burning building. After his mission proves successful, Charlie is pleasantly surprised to discover that the rescued feline's owners, Pat (Noel Francis) and Gertie (Marjorie Beebe), are an attractive added bonus to his heroics. He and his pal Fishy (George Cooper), not wasting any time, immediately set to wooing the girls with their playful banter. However, light-hearted fun is soon forced to take a back seat to serious business when an out-of-control blaze begins to consume the firetrap apartment building next door. Will Charlie walk away from the inferno a hero, or will he fall victim to the flames? Find out in this visually stunning film of rescue, romance, and disaster that will get your pulse racing!

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered