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Action Classics Volume 3

Action Classics Volume 3
Principal Cast
Rod Perry, Valentina Vargas, Jan-Michael Vincent, Michael McGovern, Bill Paxton, Michael Sarrazin, Mark Hamill
J.J. (Rod Perry) is the kingpin of an African-American crime organization whose territory is being invaded by the mafia, a heroin cartel. Although they're not against robbery and murder, J.J. and his men draw the line at narcotics in their neighborhood. The Black Godfather orders his underlings to do whatever is necessary to force the mafia off their turf, resulting in a violent and bloody standoff between the two factions.

Dirty Games, a post-nuclear holocaust drama, starring Valentina Vargas, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Michael McGovern, follows an inspections team as they embark on what they believe is a routine assessment of a nuclear compound in Africa. But when they arrive onsite, they're in for a nasty surprise: a team of ruthless terrorists has compromised the complex and is set to blow it up…

In the not too distant future, apocalypse has ravaged the earth, causing an environmental curiosity of harsh, gale-force winds called a slipstream. Mankind struggles to maintain law and order post-apocalypse, though nature has favored chaos. The story begins when Matt Owens (Bill Paxton), a bounty hunter, kidnaps a murderous fugitive from the custody of two law officers, after learning there is a price on the captured killer's head. To avoid detection, Owens flies into the volatile slipstream. If he hopes to make it out alive, he'll have to face the pursuing officers, a religious cult that holds the winds sacred, as well as the unknowns of the mysterious slipstream itself…

Based on a dramatic true story, The Train Killer revolves around Sylvester Matushka (Michael Sarrazin), a Hungarian businessman who, in 1931, blew up the Orient Express.

When he is successful at derailing the train by detonating a deadly bomb, Matushka is presumed dead. Authorities won't rest until they locate and identify Matushka's body, and if he is still alive, they won't stop until they've captured him and uncovered his motive for committing such a horrendous crime.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity, Adult Situations, Nudity / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered