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Action Classics Volume 4

Action Classics Volume 4
Principal Cast
Ross Thompson, Steve Bisley, Jason Robards, Hardy Krüger, Gila Almagor, Richard Roundtree, Max Von Sydow, Chuck Connors, Marcia Clingan, Bo Svenson, Fred Williamson
The Chain Reaction, a clever thriller scripted by Ian Barry, tells the story of a dangerous leak caused by an earthquake at WALDO, an Australian storage facility for nuclear waste. Heinrich Schmidt (Ross Thompson), an engineer at the waste site, is badly injured in the disaster; and because he knows the leak will contaminate the water for hundreds of miles, he wants to warn the community. But Schmidt's boss thinks they should cover up the incident—even if it means thousands of lost lives. Having been held at WALDO, Heinrich escapes the compound but crashes his car in his desperation to get away, and he is left wandering in the woods with amnesia. A kind mechanic (Steve Bisley) and his wife take Heinrich in, but now all three of their lives are in danger…

Watch for an un-credited appearance of Mel Gibson as a mechanic in the beginning of the film!

The Death Merchants, featuring Jason Robards, Hardy Krüger, and Gila Almagor, tells a diabolical tale of romance, murder, and mistaken identity as a treacherous terrorist organization hunts an enemy agent with the intention of killing him, but instead they set their sights on the wrong man. Left in the wake of their mistaken pursuit is a trail of broken lives and brutal murders.

Embassy is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that immerses you in a world of espionage and intrigue. Russian spy Gorenko (Max Von Sydow) knows all about the life of an undercover agent—the only thing he doesn't know is how to get out. On the run from his former fellow agents, Gorenko's only hope for survival is to defect to America. The U.S. secretes him in their Beirut embassy, planning to sneak him into the States at the first opportunity. But the line becomes blurred between friend and foe, and Gorenko doesn't know if he can trust Colonel Kesten (Chuck Connors), the American sent to help him. Is Kesten working for the U.S. government, or could he be a double agent sent to exterminate Gorenko?

A computer whiz who has devised a way to hack into the slot machines at Las Vegas's richest casinos, sends his girlfriend Kathy (Marcia Clingan) to play the machines that are destined to pay out, and each weekend she returns with their cash winnings. Not long after they've put this scheme into practice, thugs, after his technical know-how, torture and murder the hacker and kidnap his girlfriend. When a corrupt cop (Bo Svenson) learns about the hacking software, he and his pal Lou (Fred Williamson) track the thugs down for a violent standoff to determine who will walk away with the sought-after software.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity, Adult Situations, Nudity / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered