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Adventure Classics Volume 1

Adventure Classics Volume 1
In this madcap mystery adventure, Chick Chandler stars as Jimmy McMillan, an architect who designs an exclusive combination mall/apartment building that has seven entrances. When a robbery and murder occurs there, every tenant becomes suspect due to the fact that everyone had a convenient escape route through one of the seven exits. Jimmy volunteers to unravel the mystery and uncover the identity of the killer—in part to cast the suspicion of guilt away from him. In order to reconstruct the crime, the architect wanders through the hallways and rooms of his creation, hoping to stumble across enough clues to point him in the direction of the truth.

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane—back to the days of jukeboxes, rock 'n roll, hang-out hamburger joints, and of course—rip-roarin' hot rods. Teenage terrors are ripping up the streets of a quaint suburban town much to the dismay of the local police department. One deputy hopes to provide a safe venue for street racing by petitioning the town to build a drag strip but runs into plenty of obstacles standing in his way, including several prejudiced parents. Among the young hot-rodders included in Hot Rod Girl are: Lori Nelson as Lisa, John Smith as Jeff, Chuck Connors as Ben, Frank Gorshin as Flat Top, and Roxanne Arlen as L.P.

Meelah (Gale Sherwood) is a white woman who has been raised by a primitive African jungle tribe and is hailed as a goddess among the natives. One day her world is suddenly turned upside-down when two transport pilots, Steve (Leif Erickson) and Hoppy (Frank Jenks), working for diamond mine mogul Mark Harper (Douglass Dumbrille), crash-land their plane in Meelah's territory. When the men cross paths with the "blonde savage" and discover that she's the daughter of Harper's murdered partner, they plot to bring their villainous employer to justice and Meelah to civilization.

Prizefighter Johnny Bradfield (John Garfield) is framed for murdering a reporter who discovered that Johnny's squeaky-clean persona is a façade. Then when it appears that Johnny has been killed in a fiery auto accident, the police close the case, and a ranching family in Arizona takes Johnny in. When money becomes scarce, it looks as though the family will be forced to sell the ranch, so Johnny enters a fight to obtain prize money to help save it. But when a police officer recognizes a picture of Johnny in the paper, he must choose between saving his flagging career by arresting the innocent boxer, or letting the case remain closed, allowing young Johnny to help the kind family save their home.

Boyd Emerson (Joel McCrea) and his pal Fraser (Raymond Hatton) are handed the opportunity of a lifetime when smitten copper mine mogul Cherry Malotte (Evelyn Brent) convinces her business partner (William Davidson) to bankroll their fishing venture in salmon-filled Alaskan waters. Though he and Fraser accept Cherry's help, Boyd is infatuated with Seattle socialite Mildred Wayland (Jean Arthur), whose father disapproves of Boyd, and consequently teams up with rival fishing mogul Frederick Marsh (Gavin Gordon) to sabotage Emerson's fishing operation. Not only does Marsh want Boyd out of the way in terms of business competition, he also wants to eliminate him as competition for Mildred's heart. An all out battle for fishing industry dominance ensues, and when things get physical, one of them winds up dead…

Johnny Baker (Joel McCrea) is a handsome military man who falls overboard in the South Seas and is rescued by Luana (Dolores Del Rio), the beautiful daughter of a Polynesian chieftain. The unlikely pair fall in love, but it is an ill-fated union. Luana is slated to be sacrificed to the island's volcano as an offering to the Polynesian god Pele. Though they initially try to escape, Luana accepts her fate in the end, realizing that she can never be a part of Johnny's life in white, Western civilization.

Paul Gerard (George Raft), a captain in the Foreign Legion, accepts a mission to escort Cara (Marie Windsor), the prominent daughter of an emir, to her father's mountain fortress. The real purpose of Gerard's mission is to gather information about the emir's activities. It turns out that the Islamic leader's forces are on the brink of rebellion, and the captain must somehow protect his garrison from the rebels until reinforcements arrive. But that's the least of his concerns: Gerard has fallen helplessly in love with Cara, the enemy emir's daughter…

Royal Mountie Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) and his faithful dog Lightning are on the trail of some nasty counterfeiters that are printing bogus bills in Canada and then shipping them across the U.S. border in blocks of ice. The counterfeiters had forced a convicted engraver to make them a new plate, into which he inscribed a barely visible "help" message. Renfrew got his hands on one of the counterfeit bills, and in checking its legitimacy with a magnifying glass, he stumbled across the engraver's desperate message. Renfrew and his canine companion follow a trail of clues and wind up at the Totem Pole Lodge, the owner of which heads up the counterfeiting ring, to free the engraver and his innocent daughter, as well as to put the kibosh on the currency forging operation for good.

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
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