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Adventure Film Series Volume 4

Adventure Film Series Volume 4
Principal Cast
Janette Scott, Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Mara Lynn, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot, John Mills, James Newill
A prehistoric tribe of women, who have been trained to hunt and fight, are given the task of capturing husbands before the next full moon by their elder (Janette Scott). Tigri (Laurette Luez), a natural born leader, captures handsome cave-dweller Engor (Allan Nixon), but her rival Arva (Mara Lynn) tries to claim him as her own. Tigri prevails but then Engor unexpectedly escapes and accidentally discovers how to make fire. Recaptured by the all-female tribe, Engor and his love-slave cohorts wind up saving the day when the tribe is threatened by an eight-foot-tall giant. Realizing the value of the opposite sex and impressed with their skill to make fire, the women invite the men to cohabitate with them, and Tigri is wed to masculine hero Engor.

In search of material, writer Jean Williams (Beverly Roberts) visits Topek village, an Eskimo settlement that is abandoned each winter due to harsh weather and a vicious wolf pack that comes into town in search of food. The villagers leave the settlement by boat, which is commandeered by Hugo (Lyle Talbot), a white trader who tries to persuade Jean to leave with them. Unconvinced, she stays behind with trapper Gaston Rogers (Richard Arlen) until diminishing conditions force them to leave. Misfortune soon turns to disaster when an ice break causes them to lose their dogs and sled. Luckily, the pair makes it to the safety of a deserted cabin, where they are joined by Hugo. Although the trio is safe from the elements, danger develops indoors when the two men vie for Jean's affection, and a perilous fight breaks out between them.

This is the treacherous and true tale of a disastrous expedition to the then-uncharted South Pole. Head of the team, British captain Robert Falcon Scott (John Mills), makes several unfortunate choices that have dire outcomes, including the decision to add a fifth man to the expedition when they had only stocked enough provisions for four. Without proper planning or adequate supplies, the group treks across the frozen frontier where they meet with dangerously cold temperatures and a rival team of Norwegians that are also hoping to be the first to make it to the Earth's southern axis.

Royal Mountie Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) is on the trail of six thieves, who robbed a shipment of gold from the Harrington mining company. When Renfrew's sidekick Kelly is wounded by a gunshot, the sergeant is forced to go it alone. Meanwhile, a powder keg is set to ignite among the gold thieves when three of them attempt to double-cross the others. But before the duped robbers can get even with their former partners, Renfrew will rightfully bring them all to justice.

Not Rated; Not Rated - Violence; Not Rated; Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered