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Adventure Film Series Volume 5

Adventure Film Series Volume 5
Principal Cast
William Lundigan, Peggie Castle, Armando Silvestre, Marshall Thompson, Gaby André, Oliver Tobias, Jack Watson, Desi Arnaz Jr., Mike Evans
Archeologist Robert Burton (William Lundigan) and photographer Kathryn Williams (Peggie Castle) travel on assignment to research a lost Toltec tribe in the jungles of southern Mexico. Despite his reservations, Juan Cervantes (Armando Silvestre), a Mexican plantation worker, agrees to take them into the jungle because of his attraction to Kathryn. Along their journey to the lost civilization, Juan sets a trap to catch a deer and accidentally kills the Toltec chief's son instead. Believing Kathryn is at fault, the tribesmen are ready to sacrifice her when selfless Juan confesses to causing the boy's death. As Juan accepts his fatal punishment, Robert and Kathryn make their desperate escape from the jungle.

An adventure film for the whole family, East of Kilimanjaro was filmed on location in exotic East Africa, where photojournalist Marsh Connors (Marshall Thompson) is sent to gather photos of an epidemic plaguing the region's cattle. There he meets Dr. Marie Avedon (Gaby André), a research scientist working to stop the devastation. Together Marsh and Marie attempt to convince the Masai tribe to have their cattle vaccinated against further disease and to track down the epidemic's source before more livestock are lost.

King Arthur, the Young Warlord is a rousing account of King Arthur's legendary rise to power. From his early beginnings as a youthful warrior that bravely battled the Saxons, a tribal group of Germanic invaders, to the miraculous moment Arthur withdrew the magic sword from the stone, thus establishing his royal destiny. This is the inspiring, epic journey of a noble warrior's quest to prove his worth, his might, and his destined fate to become the next ruler of Britain.

Teenagers Cal Markwell (Desi Arnaz Jr.) and Orlando Parker (Mike Evans) set out for a little adventure on the high seas and wind up on a remarkable journey that changes their lives forever. When they depart from California on a 2,600 mile sailboat trip to Hawaii, Cal and Orlando are forced to confront their inner demons and face the wrath of one of Mother Nature's most brutal storms along the way.

Not Rated - Violence; Not Rated - Nudity; Rated PG; Not Rated - Violence, Brief Nudity / Available in Canada
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