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Adventure Film Series Volume 7: The Hurricane Express

Adventure Film Series Volume 7: The Hurricane Express
Principal Cast
J. Farrell MacDonald, John Wayne
The Hurricane Express is a masterful, table-turning mystery packed with action and suspense and features an athletic, young John Wayne, who performs many of his own stunts, in the role of a lifetime. This 12-chapter serial is guaranteed to keep you guessing "whodunit?" from start to finish!

A masked villain dubbed "The Wrecker" is hard at work sabotaging the L&R Railroad by orchestrating train accidents. The motive? To ruthlessly eliminate the railroad as competition for a nearby airline business.

When "The Wrecker" causes the Hurricane Express to crash, killing engineer Jim Baker (J. Farrell MacDonald), his son Larry (John Wayne) swears vengeance, vowing to unmask the saboteur's identity and bring him to justice. Like any villain, "The Wrecker" doesn't want his true identity to be exposed, so he expertly assumes the identities of people in the community who might have possible motives for sabotage, including Larry who happens to be a pilot.

Deflecting accusations of guilt, Larry chases down hunches and leads but, time and again, each turns out to be nothing more than a red herring. Further complicating matters are "The Wrecker's" henchmen, who, in Larry's quest for vengeance, give him a run for his money—and for his life!

The Wrecker
Flying Pirates
The Masked Menace
Buried Alive
Danger Lights
The Airport Mystery
Sealed Lips
Outside the Law
The Invisible Enemy
The Wrecker's Secret
Wings of Death

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered