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Africa Screams / Jack and the Beanstalk / East Side Kids

Africa Screams / Jack and the Beanstalk / East Side Kids
In Abbott & Costello: Africa Screams, the boys are a pair of booksellers who find themselves deep in the wilds of Africa when they purport themselves to be knowledgeable of the country. In search of diamonds and led by a beautiful woman named Diana, Abbott and Costello are spurred on by promises of sharing the elusive loot—if they can find it. Along the way they find themselves in sticky situations that involve lion tamers, gigantic gorillas, and an unruly river. Will the bumbling pair survive their encounters with the wildlife? Will they find the diamonds and get their share of riches?

A whimsical adaptation of the famous fairy tale steeped in comedy, Abbott and Costello style. Reminiscent of the cinematography of films like The Wizard of Oz, the movie begins in black and white, later morphing into full cinematic color. The story begins as Jack (Lou Costello), a professional babysitter, and his "agent" Dink (Bud Abbott) go to the home of Eloise Larkin (Shaye Cogan) to watch Eloise's troublemaking nephew Donald (David Stollery). As he reads the book Jack and the Beanstalk to Donald, Jack falls asleep and begins to dream that he and his cohorts are part of this fantastical world where he encounters magical creatures as well as a troubled prince and princess. It is a version of the classic fairy tale but with a humorous and unique Abbott and Costello style twist.

Too young to enlist in the army and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the East Side Kids attempt to take action in the States by running a local Japanese shopkeeper out of town. Intending to trash the store that night, the boys show up and find the shopkeeper stabbed to death at his desk. After learning the man was actually a Chinese agent working to uncover a ring of saboteurs, the Kids investigate on their own and discover a complex operation linking the spies to a German immigrant.

The East Side Kids go to work for their shady ex-pal Hank (Gabriel Dell) in order to drum up some money to buy baseball uniforms. Unexpectedly, Hank's fugitive friend shows up and makes trouble for the boys. Danny, one of the Kids, gets the outlaw arrested, and in turn, he's given a big reward with which he intends to buy uniforms. Unaware of Danny's intentions, Muggs suspects that Danny wants to keep the money for himself—he and the rest of the gang force Danny to relinquish the cash and then use it to purchase an old car. But when Danny is injured trying to escape a run-in with the outlaw criminal, the Kids sell the car to pay for an operation.

When Muggs McGinnis knocks down a pool hustler after cheating at a game for cash, Muggs' pal Danny (Bobby Jordan) attempts to set his friend straight but ends up on Muggs' bad side. Then, just before he is scheduled to fight in a local boxing match, the pool hustler arranges for Muggs' kidnapping. Danny fights in place of Muggs and surprisingly wins the match. When Muggs is freed, he accuses Danny of the kidnapping. Danny is innocent and decides that someone needs to stand up to Muggs once and for all.

Muggs McGinnis (Leo Gorcey) lands a job at an airplane plant but soon becomes suspicious of airplane ambulance operator Dr. Richard Nagel III (George Pembroke). The service, Muggs believes, is just a cover for Nagel to smuggle aviation secrets to a ring of enemy agents. To help prove his allegations, Muggs enlists the sleuthing abilities of the rest of the Kids. With the help of his friends, Muggs unravels the mystery but nearly gets killed in the process.

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