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Against the Law

Against the Law
Principal Cast
Richard Grieco, Nick Mancuso, Nancy Allen, Jaime Pressly, Thomas Mikal Ford, Steven Ford, Billy Gallo, Gary Sandy, Heather Thomas, Christopher Pettiet
Jim Wynorski
It's high noon in the desert when Rex (Richard Grieco) stops at a diner for a piece of pie, served to him by luscious waitress Sally (Jaime Pressly). After telling Sally that he's headed to Hollywood, he challenges a local cop to a stand-off, in the style of Old West movie star John Wayne. At first, the cop thinks the chaps-clad kid is joking. But Rex persists. "Are you fast?" he asks the cop. When the officer informs that indeed, he is fast, Rex takes this as a challenge and downs him with a single shot. He's only just begun to prove to the world that he's the fastest gun in the West.

In the heart of Los Angeles, hard-drinking cop and former surfer John Shepard (Nick Mancuso) is on a drug stakeout with a team of expert officers, including wisecracking Detective Siegel (Thomas Mikal Ford). When the stakeout escalates into a shootout, the slightly intoxicated Shepard shoots and kills one of L.A.'s most notorious drug dealers. Matters aren't helped when television reporter Maggie Hewitt (Nancy Allen) arrives on the scene and questions Shepard about what it's like to be a hero.

Meanwhile, Rex is making his way towards Los Angeles in his red convertible, leaving in his path a wake of dead cops. In a hotel room, Rex sees Maggie interviewing the gruff and angry Shepard and vows to challenge Shepard once he hits Los Angeles.

In a final showdown as tense as the battles at high noon, Shepard and Rex meet.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity