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Alfred Hitchcock Classics

Alfred Hitchcock Classics
Students study his technique. Renowned actors, directors, and critics applaud his innovation. The world stands in awe of his genius.

Alfred Hitchcock is a true legend. In a career that spanned more than fifty years, Hitchcock thrilled and shocked the world with renowned films like Pyscho, Rear Window, North by Northwest, and The Birds, directing Janet Leigh, James Stewart, Cary Grant, and Grace Kelly, among others. Now, join the "Master of Suspense" in early works that shaped his spellbinding career—eight classic black and white features: Young and Innocent, Easy Virtue, The Ring, Champagne, The Farmer's Wife, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Blackmail, and The Manxman.

When a writer, Robert, discovers his girlfriend's body on the beach—slain by her jealous, estranged husband—he flees the scene while two witnesses, who assume he is the murderer, look on. Determined to catch the real killer before the police catch him, he goes on the run and enlists the help of Erica, the local police chief's daughter.

Isabel Jeans (Gigi, The Magic Christian, Suspicion) stars as Larita Filton, whose husband divorces her after mistakenly believing she was unfaithful. She then meets young John Whittaker on holiday, and when the two rush into a scandalous marriage, Larita's long-held, shocking secret is revealed.

"One-round" Jack and Australian boxing champion Bob Corby go head to head in a love triangle after Jack's fiancé, Mabel, catches Bob's eye. With Jack lower in the standings, Bob offers him one fight—but only if he can work his way up the ranks. As the big fight nears, Mabel is torn between the men…right up until the last punch is thrown.

Betty, a spoiled heiress, is shocked to learn from her father that their family fortune has disappeared. Her gold-digging boyfriend flees instantly, and she is forced to take a job for the first time. Slowly, she begins to change her ways for the better…until her father reveals yet another secret that leaves her fuming.

After Samuel Sweetland's daughter is married, the widower unsuccessfully searches for a companion. All the while, his sweet housekeeper, Minta, secretly pines for Samuel's affection, but is overlooked…and it will take an elaborate intervention before Samuel comes to his senses!

When circus magician Victor Sadini and his wife, Irene, take in Hugo, a runaway, things take a disastrous turn. In an attempt to kill off her husband, Irene tells Hugo that if he kills Victor and takes his wand, he will inherit Victor's magical powers. But when the conspiracy unfolds, it's Irene who pays the ultimate price.

When police detective Frank Webber takes his girlfriend, Alice White, out for an evening, her secret meeting with another man has disastrous consequences after he attempts to assault her. She kills him in self defense, Frank is assigned to the case, and someone who knows Alice's secret is ready to blackmail…

When her boyfriend Pete leaves to seek his fortune, Kate begins to spend time with his friend, Philip. The two fall for each other, but resist an affair…until word comes that Pete has died. But just as the two find themselves happy, another shocking secret from the past is revealed, and Kate's life is changed forever.

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