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American Virgin

American Virgin
Principal Cast
Jenna Dewan, Brianne Davis, Chase Ryan Jeffery, Rob Schneider, Elan Moss-Bachrach, Bo Burnham, Ashley Schneider
Clare Kilner
On college scholarship from an abstinence group, freshman Priscilla White (Jenna Dewan, Step Up) is as pure as her name sounds. But after being tricked into drinking alcohol by campus legend Natalie "The Naz," (Brianne Davis, Prom Night) she ruins her squeaky-clean reputation in a big way…in front of the "Chicks Go Crazy" cameras! Now, she must recover the incriminating tape from producer Crazy Ed Curtzman (Rob Schneider, Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo) before she loses it all. Priscilla, "The Naz" and new love interest Chuck follow the "Chicks Go Crazy" bus—and the trail of wild parties—on the ultimate cross-country adventure.
Rated R