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Andrea Perron Interview

Documentary, Sci-Fi
Andrea Perron Interview
Principal Cast
Hosted by Devon Belanger, Angela Stockman, Andrea Perron
Devon Belanger
Andrea Perron's childhood was filled with supernatural occurrences and very personal paranormal interactions. Growing up in the famed farmhouse investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the blockbuster hit The Conjuring, Perron's past has inspired her to write a tell-all book, House of Darkness House of Light. Now, with footage and reenactments to support her stories, Perron delves into the haunting tales of her upbringing, recalling the specific spirits she encountered and their dramatic effect on her family. Learn what living in an intense, super-charged paranormal environment was like through the eyes of someone who experienced it firsthand.
Not Rated - Adult Situations / Available in Canada
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