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Annie Oakley

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Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley was a Western TV series revolving around the famous Ohio frontierswoman known for her incredible sharpshooting skills. Born in the mid-1800s to a farming family, the real Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee—known later as Annie Oakley—first began hunting game at age nine to provide food for her family. By sixteen Annie was a dead shot, and she entered a shooting contest against expert marksman Frank E. Butler. At five feet tall "Little Miss Sure Shot" didn't seem very intimidating, and yet, she managed to beat Butler by one point and win the contest. Oakley could shoot a dime tossed into the air from ninety feet away, and from the same distance she could shoot holes in a playing card held flat (the thin side facing her), and then when the card was dropped, she could hit it five or six more times as it fluttered to the ground. Annie became so well known for her shooting skills that Prince Wilhelm of Germany once invited her to shoot a lit cigarette from his lips!

But not only was she a crack-shot, Annie was also a pioneer in the women's movement. She didn't follow the traditional path of women from the time period—cooking, cleaning, and bearing children. She excelled at marksmanship—customarily a man's sport—and she could rope and ride like a seasoned cowboy!

Like the historical Annie Oakley, the "Little Miss Sure Shot" of the TV series (played by Gail Davis) helped raise the bar for women. The show was the first in its class because it featured a female lead in a genre that never had before. On the series, Annie, aided by her six-shooter, her younger brother Tagg Oakley (Jimmy Hawkins), and the Deputy Sheriff Craig (Brad Johnson), maintained law and order in the little frontier town of Diablo, protecting it from mischief-making outlaws and vagabond bandits. The series, produced by Western superstar Gene Autry, was a popular favorite in the mid-'50s and ran from January 1954 to late February 1957.

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