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Another Day

Another Day
Principal Cast
Shannen Doherty, Max Martini, David Ferry, Kristina Nicoll, Courtney Kidd, Julian McMahon
Jeffrey Reiner
Kate (Shannen Doherty, TV's 90210) newly pregnant, and her boyfriend, Paul (Max Martini, TV's The Unit), are at odds about their future when he dies in a warehouse fire. After years of raising their child alone, Kate has slowly healed with the love and support of David (Julian McMahon, TV's Nip/Tuck)…until a mysterious near-drowning experience has Kate waking two days before Paul's death. Now, faced with the chance to dodge fate, Kate stands at the ultimate crossroads: to save Paul and risk re-living the life she was, or to lose him again and accept her eventual path to happiness with David.
Not Rated - Adult Situations