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Beyond Justice

Beyond Justice
Principal Cast
Brett Halsey, Peter Sands, Rutger Hauer, Carol Alt, Omar Sharif, Elliott Gould, Kabir Bedi, David Flosi
Rutger Hauer is Beyond Justice. Former CIA operative Tom Burton (Hauer) is hired by wealthy Christine Sanders (Carol Alt) to rescue her kidnapped son when his grandfather—an obsessive Emir (Omar Sharif), nabs him. When Christine impetuously decides to join Burton in the hunt, her lawyer (Elliott Gould) and friend Sal (Brett Halsey) attempt to dissuade her from such a dangerous mission. But despite their warnings, Christine is steadfast, and the determined pair embarks upon their journey, undergoing a number of misfortunes, which include an ambush and a vicious sandstorm. Join an all-star cast in this beautifully filmed action-thriller, which boasts Ennio Morricone's magnificent musical score, the cinematography of Giorgio Di Battista, and the impeccable direction of Duccio Tessari.
Rated PG-13 / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered
  • Trivia Quiz
  • Biography