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Big Bear

Big Bear
Principal Cast
Gordon Tootoosis, Tantoo Cardinal, Lorne Cardinal, Kennetch Charlette, Patric James Bird, Michael Greyeyes, Ben Cardinal, Gail Maurice, Dianne Debassige, Simon Baker
Gil Cardinal
The Cree tribe of Western Canada were a happy people living a prosperous and harmonious existence. But in the late 1800s, the government proposed a treaty to Chief Big Bear that required them to take a reserve and lose the land that gave them their freedom. Big Bear, a gentle yet stubborn leader, refused the offer. Although his tribe retained their liberty, their lives became a struggle. Many died and those that survived were starving and angry. Just as the buffalo disappeared, so did the tribe's faith in Big Bear's decision. While he continued to resist the government, the younger Cree men started to retaliate. As they organized a bloody answer to their leader's passive approach, Big Bear tried to warn them of the seriousness of their actions…to no avail.
Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence, Nudity