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Bordertown: The Complete Series

Bordertown: The Complete Series
Principal Cast
Richard Comar, John H. Brennan, Sophia Barjac
In 1880, Pemmican lay at the western edge of the Great Plains. Nearly a decade later, surveyors of the 49th parallel reached the small community to find it straddling the new Canadian-U.S. border.

Now known as Bordertown, local law enforcement is dealt with on one side by Clive Bennett, a Mountie, and on the other by U.S. Marshal Jack Craddock. Whiskey traders, buffalo hunters, gold prospectors, silver miners, drifters and drunks keep the two men on their toes.

But the chaos doesn't stop there. Not only do Clive and Jack share a jurisdiction and an office, they also share a love for the same woman. Whether they're fighting for justice or fighting each other, there's plenty going on in Bordertown!

Runners • Medicine Woman
Civilization • Blindside
The Man They Couldn't Hang
A Model Citizen • The Reaper
Blood Fury • Over the Line
The Killing • The Gunfighter
Trapped • Slave
One of the Boys • When Dreams Die
The Lady and the Corpse
The Fur Trader • Ties That Bind
The Bounty Hunter • Legacy
Bad Memories • Craddock vs. Bennett
Nahanni • Vigilante
Gold and Lead • Keenan's Raiders
Hunter's Moon • Compadres
Killer with a Smile • Skirmishes
The Last Fenian Raid
Straight from the Heart
White Feather • The Pony Riders
The Last Shot • Buffalo Girl
Letter of the Law • Fool's Gold
Hand to Hand • Four Eyes
The Convoy • Two Moons
Gun Down • Ancient Claims
The Heart of Adventure
Devil's Right Hand
The Fourth Estate
When Gold Turns Black
A Brand of Justice
The Last of the James
Snap Shot • All for One
Second Chance • Vengeance Is Mine
Blood • Nebraska Lightning
Sons of Thunder • Let There Be Light
Sight Unseen • The Preacher
Honour Thy Father • Sweet Revenge
Wild Horses • In Cold Blood
A Question of Negligence
Conduct Becoming
The Bostonian • Field of Honour
The New Recruit • Marshal Law
The Road Chosen • Demon Rum
Hired Hand • Tall in the Saddle
Roaring Days • A Small Kindness
Frontier Passage • Under Western Skies

Not Rated - Violence