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Breathing Fire

Martial Arts
Breathing Fire
Principal Cast
Ed Neil, Jonathan Ke Quan, Eddie Saavedra, Jerry Trimble, Bolo Yeung
Michael Moore (Jerry Trimble) is a Vietnam vet who takes on a life of crime after the war despite the fact that he is a father to two sons—one biological (Eddie Saavedra), the other an adopted Vietnamese teenager (Jonathan Ke Quan). Hoping to make a big score, Michael plans a bank heist with several men—including the manager of the bank they plan to rob. But at the last minute, the bank manager has a change of heart, refusing to take part in the robbery. The gang goes through with the heist as planned, but in an act of ruthless vengeance, they execute both the bank manager and his wife. The couple's daughter is able to escape, but she has a special key the gang needs in order to get the loot from its hiding place—making her their next target. But when two up-and-coming kickboxers learn what is going on, they go after the unsuspecting gang—including their father.
Rated R / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered
  • Quiz