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Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson
Principal Cast
Charles Bronson, Steve Brodie, Audrey Dalton
Four Star Playhouse:

In this gripping courtroom drama Charles Bronson stars as Frank Dana—an innocent man accused of holding up an armored car and for committing a murder during the robbery. A payroll of $150,000 was stolen and coincidentally, Frank makes a bank deposit that points the finger of guilt his way. But Frank says he's got a witness who can explain the money he deposited—his fiancée. The only problem is that his key witness is missing—but when she's finally found and brought into court, a surprising truth is revealed and the mystery is slowly unraveled.

Man With a Camera – 2 Episodes

Missing – When Ed Kern's (Steve Brodie) wife Jill disappears without a trace, Ed turns to Mike Kovac (Charles Bronson) for help. Kovac immediately puts himself on the case and tracks Jill to Mexico, where he discovers a connection to two major smuggling operations. Alone and in a foreign country, Bronson executes his own kind of law and justice.

String of Pearls – Mike Kovac (Charles Bronson), the "Man with a Camera," goes to a garden party to take pictures for a friend, when he stumbles upon a mystery. At the party he meets a woman that he met years ago, but who is now purporting herself to be someone else—Sharon Rogers (Audrey Dalton). Rogers insists that Kovac has got it wrong—that they've never met. Kovac knows that something is up but can't quite put his finger on it. In truth, Sharon's uncle, a first class swindler, is forcing her to set Kovac up in order to get his hands on a pair of pearl necklaces—one worth $65,000 and the other commanding the hefty sum of $200,000. The con artist successfully swindles the first necklace, but Kovac will see to it that he doesn't get the second one.

Not Rated / Available in Canada
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