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Chinese Hercules

Martial Arts
Chinese Hercules
Principal Cast
Bolo Yeung, Chiang Fan, Fong Yeh, Yuan Feng
Lee Hsi (Fong Yeh) is a master of martial arts with moves so deadly he once killed a man and vowed never to fight again. Plagued with guilt and remorse, Hsi moves to a small trading village to work at the local pier. The dock is owned by a controlling, abusive boss who often unleashes his pack of brutal henchmen, led by Chinese Hercules (Bolo Yeung), upon the workers to keep them in line. But when pier workers begin turning up dead, Hsi makes the difficult decision to break his vow of passivity to take on his most formidable, deadly opponent yet: Chinese Hercules.

Hsi's lethal moves versus the sheer size and strength of Chinese Hercules will make for one intense and bloody battle to the death!

Rated R / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered