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Deadly Dolls Triple Feature with Bonus

Deadly Dolls Triple Feature with Bonus
Charles Band is back…with even more of the evil creatures fans love. Terror, blood and mayhem ensue in this new Full Moon favorite!

Serving time for a minor offense in a brutal women's detention center, Eva (Jessica Morris, TV's One Life to Live) finds herself at the mercy of the evil matron, a sadistic guard and a gang led by the vicious Kim. With all hope lost, Eva makes a midnight wish to a set of tiny South American Worry Dolls her daughter shares with her during a visit. The Dolls crawl in her ear at night and soon Eva becomes possessed with the dark powers she needs to exact wicked vengeance on her tormenters.

When an oddball group of characters—a college student, an eccentric collector and his crew, an antique toy expert (Leslie Jordan, TV's Will & Grace), and a little-person medium—gather at an Italian castle to inspect an ancient puppet, strange things begin to happen. The hideous, wooden puppet, Divoletto, comes to life…bringing with him Baby Oopsie-Daisy and Jack in the Box. Together the demonic trio terrorizes the group and the death count begins to rise.

In 1905, a young girl named Sophia (Hannah Marks, The Runaways) spent all her time playing with her handmade dolls. When her abusive father finally had enough, he forced her to bury them in the backyard. But, after she slipped into the grave, she was buried right along with them.

One hundred years later, the Fillbrook family moves into the very same house. A teenage loner, Guy Fillbrook (Jared Kusnitz, Prom) finds the buried dolls, much to his delight. Like Sophia, Guy lacks friends and is constantly ridiculed. After Sophia's spirit possesses the dolls and brings them to life, they protect Guy from further harm…fighting a bloody battle in his name.

BONUS Featurette Included!

From the masters at Full Moon Horror comes When Puppets and Dolls Attack!&mdashh;a jam-packed compilation of classic kills, mayhem, mischief and terror from the most vicious toys ever created. Featuring a behind-the-scenes look at such classics as the Puppet Master series and Demonic Toys, your worst childhood fears have just come to life…and it's time to play!

Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity, Nudity, Drug Use; Not Rated -Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity; Not Rated -Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity, Drug Use; Not Rated -Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity / Available in Canada