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Due South: Season Three

Comedy, TV Series
Due South: Season Three
Principal Cast
Paul Gross, Callum Keith Rennie, David Marciano
Due South is a lightning-paced comedy series in which a polite, by-the-book Canadian Mountie from the frozen North, Fraser (Paul Gross, Barney's Version), is teamed up with a wise-cracking, Armani-clad Chicago cop with a flexible sense of morality, Ray (David Marciano, TV's The Shield).

Season three starts off with a bang when Fraser returns from Canada to find his apartment in flames and Ray nowhere to be found. With Ray out of the picture, Fraser is forced to break in a new partner (Callum Keith Rennie, Case 39) as they work as bodyguards, solve a murder in a mall, and search for a flight attendant's killer. Featuring 26 episodes of action-packed comedy—don't miss out on all the fun of Due South! FEATURING 26 EPISODES
Burning Down the House
I Coulda Been a Defendant
Strange Bedfellows
Mountie & Soul
Bounty Hunter
Seeing Is Believing
Spy vs. Spy
Dead Guy Running
Perfect Strangers
Mountie on the Bounty – Part 1
Mountie on the Bounty – Part 2
Dr. Longball
Easy Money
A Likely Story
The Ladies' Man
Mojo Rising
Mounties Sing the Blues
Good for the Soul
Dead Men Don't Throw Rice
Say Amen
Hunting Season
Call of the Wild – Part 1
Call of the Wild – Part 2

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