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Elizabeth Taylor

Drama, Comedy, Romance
Elizabeth Taylor
Principal Cast
Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, Don Taylor, William Powell, Irene Dunne
A comedy-drama full of anecdotal charm, Life with Father paints a portrait of life in an 1880's New York City household. Wall Street broker Clarence Day (William Powell) thinks he's the king of his castle, but it's really his wife Vinnie (Irene Dunne) who's at the reins. While Mr. Day attempts to run the house like a tight ship, he's often baffled by the fact that his wife seems to have a hand in everything he does. Join the Days in this heartwarming slice-of-life film that is sometimes poignant, often humorous and always entertaining! Featuring Elizabeth Taylor in one of her first starring roles.

Father's Little Dividend is a delightful sequel to the Father of the Bride original. This time the Banks family experiences uproarious chaos when Kay (Elizabeth Taylor) and her husband Buckley (Don Taylor) become parents. When Stanley (Spencer Tracy) hears the news that he is going to be a grandfather, he is less than delighted with his new title. By the time the baby is born, he comes to terms with being Grandpa Banks, but Jr. won't let Stanley come near him without screaming hysterically. To make matters worse, the maternal and paternal grandparents are at odds over petty disputes, and Stanley once again finds himself at the end of his rope.

Not Rated-Profanity; Not Rated / Available in Canada