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Harlequin Collector's Set Volume 2

Romance, Drama
Harlequin Collector's Set Volume 2
Playboy lawyer Denny Montana never gives his dowdy but loyal paralegal, Claire Bernard (Joely Collins, TV's Cold Squad), a second glance, but all that changes when his brother Regan (Jonathan Cake, Brideshead Revisited) returns home from England. Seeing a perfect match for Denny in Claire, Regan sends her to be made over, and she returns a ravishing beauty. The plan works when Denny shows newfound interest in Claire…but when Regan sees the two together, jealousy emerges as he realizes he's fallen for her too! Co-starring Dyan Cannon.

When Robert Cannon (Nick Mancuso, In the Mix), President of Thornhill Software, learns his brother, Kevin—a creative genius behind the company's top-secret programs—was killed in a boating accident, he returns to their childhood home on Nova Scotia's South Shore to retrieve the body. But nothing can prepare him for what he discovers in the small seaside community. Beautiful marina owner Evie Shaw (Kelly Rowan, TV's The O.C.) is convinced Kevin's death was no accident. Robert becomes obsessed with the stunning Evie…and with finding a motive behind his brother's death, an obsession that takes him to the core of his own company.

When Elizabeth Guinness (Patsy Kensit, TV's Holby City) arrives at the mansion of widowed scientist Richard Keaton (Simon MacCorkindale, TV's Casualty) to care for his eight-year-old son, Andrew, the dramatic, mysterious death of the child's mother, Alycia, still looms. The hostility between father and son is obvious, and with time, so is the pulsating chemistry between Elizabeth and Richard. An unexpected visit from Jillian, who shares a steamy past with Richard, reveals layers of deceit and lies surrounding Alycia's death. But, no matter how incriminating evidence is for Richard, Elizabeth just can't pull herself away from the intoxicating gaze of his eyes…the eyes of a possible killer.

Sara (Cynthia Geary, TV's Northern Exposure), a by-the-books, hard-working woman who runs a boarding house, finds her dull existence kicked into high gear when she collides with Flynn (David Beecroft, TV's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), one of the nation's top—and most handsome—private investigators. Searching for one of Sara's tenants, a suspected antiquities smuggler, Flynn is hot on his trail—and has no interest in Sara tagging along. But when Sara proves herself valuable to the investigation, the two embark on a cross-country adventure full of espionage, role playing, and plenty of heated romance. Along the way, Sara rediscovers her true, passionate self that she never knew existed. Co-starring Sheila McCarthy.

Not Rated - Adult Situations, Profanity; Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity; Not Rated - Adult Situations, Profanity; Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence