Echo Bridge Entertainment


Action, Crime
Principal Cast
Traci Lords, Zach Galligan, Phillip Troy, Michael Bailey Smith, Jorge Rivero
Brook Yeaton
After pulling off a high-speed, high-tech robbery of sixty million in diamonds, husband and wife thieves Charley (Phillip Troy) and Ellen Reed (Traci Lords) become the hunted prey of godfather Vito Malta (Jorge Rivero). When Malta's men catch up to them, a deadly shootout ensues and Charley is gunned down. Forced to flee solo from Malta's fleet of ruthless killers, Ellen discovers that the godfather isn't the only one after the ice. A second mob kingpin—Malta's rival—hunts her down and takes the diamonds. Desperate for revenge and to recover what's rightfully hers, Ellen stages a one-woman assault on the mob, obliterating her enemies with cold calculation…one by one.
Rated R / Available in Canada