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It's War!

Documentary, War
It's War!
Principal Cast
Narrated by Jim Bishop
Battle Line: Pearl Harbor is one installment in a series of government-produced war films. Some of these films served as military education tools, while others were meant to inform the public. In this particular docudrama, Jim Bishop illustrates the horrific day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, using narration and real wartime footage of the devastating event.

Crusade in the Pacific: PACIFIC IN ERUPTION
Crusade in the Pacific: Pacific in Eruption is one episode in a series of films that highlight the discord between the U.S. and Japan, both during World War II and also in the wake of its aftermath. Each episode takes an intimate look at a particular phase in a war that many people were staunchly opposed to—a war that saw some of the most inhumane brutality ever to occur. Pacific in Eruption focuses on the early days of the war—including the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan's rapid military moves following the bombing, which resulted in their control of most of the Pacific theater.

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
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