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John Wayne

John Wayne
Principal Cast
John Wayne, Reginald Barlow, Evelyn Knapp, Earle Hodgins, Marion Burns
Dick Wallace (John Wayne) is a young man with little on his mind other than women, women, and more women. His father (Reginald Barlow), a driven businessman, is tired of his son's leisurely ways and puts him to work as his company's collection manager. Dick travels to the neighboring town of Somerville to track down a debtor for payment but is quickly distracted by Marion (Evelyn Knapp), the man's pretty granddaughter. Dick attempts Don Juanesque charm, but ends up coming off crudely, and he is rebuked with a slap from Marion. But this Western Romeo has been bitten by the love bug and will not be rejected so easily. In a favorable twist of fate for Dick, Marion goes to work for the elder Wallace as his secretary. Now if Dick wants Marion to return his love, he must prove his sincerity and show her that he's not the irreverent playboy of the past.

John Martin (John Wayne), a covert government agent, is sent to protect the men building a road in Rainbow Valley from the gang who claims the territory and whose main interest lies in the area's gold mines. And when the gang plans to engage in illegal activity by blowing up the road with dynamite, Martin realizes he must put a stop to the gang for good.


A mystery pilot, known only as the Eagle, is making treacherous threats in a most unusual way—by writing them in the sky! The creative criminal's intimidation tactics are aimed at a company, which has somehow agitated the mystery man, and now he wants his own type of justice. The word on the street is that Nathan Gregory, a traveling fair owner, is the Eagle's true identity. But when Gregory turns up missing, they begin to doubt that the man disappeared on his own. Determined to reveal the truth, pilot Craig McCoy (John Wayne) vows to unmask the unknown sky-writer before anything else can run afoul.

Paradise Canyon, one of John Wayne's most gripping and intense Western mysteries, is chock full of thrilling stunts performed by master stuntmen Reed Howes and Yakima Canutt, including a swan dive off a sheer cliff by John Wayne's character—John Wyatt. Wyatt, a covert government agent, is on the hunt for a band of counterfeiters believed to be involved with a traveling medicine show run by Doc Carter (Earle Hodgins). Wyatt suspects Doc as being the ringleader, but when he and his daughter Linda (Marion Burns) are kidnapped, John knows he's been tracking the wrong person. Now the lawman must uncover the truth of who's behind the counterfeiting and disband the group before harm can come to the innocent Carters.

Not Rated / Available in Canada
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