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John Wayne

John Wayne
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John Wayne
Think John Wayne is just the King of Westerns? Think again! This isn't your average John Wayne movie collection. Can you picture the poker-faced, cool-headed, slow-swaggering John Wayne in a romantic comedy? How about a detective-drama? The Duke shines as a pilot-turned-sleuth in Shadow of the Eagle; and Wayne will win your heart as a bumbling, lovesick playboy in His Private Secretary—a hilarious, yet, heartwarming romance. But never fear! If you like seeing John Wayne in his traditional Western roles, we've got that, too. He's a fearless federal agent in Paradise Canyon and in Rainbow Valley, The Duke stars as a man who must build a road through a mine-filled and outlaw-infested valley. John Wayne as a romantic, a detective, and a bad-guy-beating law enforcer—this collection has it all!

Blue Steel
The Dawn Rider
The Lawless Frontier
The Lucky Texan
'Neath the Arizona Skies
Randy Rides Alone
The Star Packer
Angel and the Badman
Hell Town
The Desert Trail
The Man from Utah
The Trail Beyond
Riders of Destiny
West of the Divide
Texas Terror
Winds of the Wasteland
His Private Secretary
Rainbow Valley
Shadow of the Eagle - Complete 12-Chapter Serial
Paradise Canyon

Not Rated / Available in Canada