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John Wayne Volume 2

John Wayne Volume 2
Principal Cast
John Wayne, Marion Burns, Yakima Canutt, Reed Howes, Mary Kornman, Paul Fix, Eddy Chandler, Henry Hall, Al Ferguson
A botched robbery leads to the murder of John Mason's (John Wayne) father. John then chases after the killer thief and is wounded in the pursuit. As a result, Mason is taken to the home of Alice Gordon (Marion Burns), who nurses him back to health, and the two quickly fall in love. But Mason's blue skies soon turn gray when he discovers that the man responsible for his father's death is none other than Alice's very own brother.

When people begin pointing an accusatory finger at John Scott (John Wayne) for the murder of Rattlesnake Gulch Rodeo's banker (Henry Hall), Scott and his pal Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler) set out to clear Scott's name. On the trail of the real killer Pete (Al Ferguson) and his right hand man Jim (Paul Fix), John Scott and Kansas Charlie find themselves accused of robbing a stagecoach, actually the work of their outlaw quarry. Feeling the pangs of good conscience, Jim has had enough of crime life, and he springs John and Kansas Charlie from jail, only to be shot down in cold blood by his ex-partner in crime. Now, as the fallen bad-guy-gone-good draws his final breaths, it is up to him to clear the names of John Scott and Kansas Charlie once and for all.

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered