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King of the Cowboys

King of the Cowboys
Principal Cast
Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Peggy Moran, James Bush, Lloyd Corrigan, Gerald Mohr
Roy Rogers stars as a renowned rodeo legend assigned by the government to look into a rash of warehouse bombings during World War II. As part of the operation, Roy penetrates the Merry Makers, a traveling tent show whose fake mind reader, Maurice, is also head of the gang of saboteurs that Roy must expose.

Includes 4 Bonus Movies!

Trouble arises for horse trader Roy Rogers when someone interferes with his attempts to breed his finest mare and he is blamed for the death of another stallion. A dose of frontier justice settles the score and Roy's faithful steed, Trigger, is born.

Roy Rogers agrees to let his washed-up rodeo pal Sam pose as the owner of his ranch so he can trick his daughter into believing he's a rich, successful rancher, but a disgruntled rodeo manager threatens the harmless plan by scheming to reveal the truth to Sam's daughter.

When Trigger, Roy Rogers' magnificent steed, is stolen and his captors demand a 100,000-dollar ransom, Roy is determined to foil the thieves and retrieve his beloved palomino.

Chicago actress, Dorothy and her show mates, the Melody Maids, head out West to find a buyer for a ranch she inherited, but when they arrive, cowhand Roy Rogers dupes Dorothy into believing she owns a ramshackle, broken-down ranch because Rogers doesn't want to see the real one get sold.

Not Rated / Available in Canada