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L.A. Heat: Season One

Action, TV Series
L.A. Heat: Season One
As seen on the TNT Network
Principal Cast
Wolf Larson, Steven Williams, Dawn Radenbaugh, Renee Tenison, Kenneth Tigar
Downtown Los Angeles: engaged in an explosive gun battle with a gang of criminals is veteran detective August Brooks (Steven Williams, TV's 21 Jump Street). Out of nowhere a Porsche screeches onto the scene with detective Chase McDonald (Wolf Larson, TV's Tarzán) at the wheel. Chase quickly jumps into the action with the help of a grenade launcher. Moments later McDonald and Brooks discover they've been assigned as partners—the streets of L.A. will never be the same.

L.A. Heat is a wickedly smart and sarcastic crime-drama packed with car chases, shootouts, and every kind of action imaginable. Set against the backdrops of California's beautiful beaches and gritty city streets, each fast-paced episode moves at 100 mph from start to finish.

Day Bomber
Too Young To Die
In Transit
Night Becomes Electra
Silicon Sting
Cop Star
Strange Currencies
Words Can Not Hurt
Rap Sheet
For Whom the Bullets Toll
Old Scores
My Brother's Keeper
The Falcon
211 Kidney
Green Justice
Special Order 40
Smash and Grab
Killing on Lily Lane
Death House
Irish Eyes
Chester Nut
Captain Crimestopper
Big Guns
National Security
Wake Up Call

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity / Available in Canada