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Mobster Classics Volume 2

Mobster Classics Volume 2
Principal Cast
Jim Blaine, Robert Armstrong, Richard Cromwell, Ralf Harolde, John Litel, Alan Ladd, Joan Woodbury, Philip Trent, George Pembroke, Jack LaRue, John Archer, Faye Emerson, Jackie C. Gleason
After mob mogul Big Mike Morgan (Jim Blaine) is murdered, his second in command "Doc" Rogers (Robert Armstrong) comes up with an ingenious plan to manipulate his fellow mobsters. After Rogers learns that Morgan has a son named Edward (Richard Cromwell), the gangster appoints him as head of the Acme Protection Agency—a front for the gang's illegal activities but what Edward believes is a verifiable insurance agency. Rogers then tells his fellow gangsters that "Baby Face" Morgan is a ruthless killer who wants his identity kept a secret and that he's taken over the operation. In this way, Rogers can control the gang without anyone knowing. But things don't quite go as planned when Edward begins paying out insurance to the trucking companies that the gang is trying to extort money from—by wrecking their trucks and then offering protection from future damages. As the mob's income becomes tighter and tighter, Joe Torelli (Ralf Harolde), a mob member who believes he should be in command, grows suspicious and begins to track down the mysterious man named "Baby Face" Morgan.

In this rousing crime drama, a hard-nosed gang of criminals attempts to move in on local food distribution channels. Vowing to break down their strong-arming operation is heroic city market official Michael Lynn (John Litel), who hopes to disband the racket by removing the operation head from power. Lynn's scheme is to infiltrate the gang as an incompetent stooge on the government's payroll, unmask the leader's identity, and then make his deadly move…

Hanging around with gangsters isn't something that you'd imagine beautiful Rita Adams (Joan Woodbury) would do. Nor would you suspect that she's been to jail. But she has, and now she wants revenge on the man who put her there: Harold Dewitt (Philip Trent). Harold and his politician father Clarence Dewitt (George Pembroke) are running a secret operation in conjunction with the mob. Rita's plan is to wheedle her way into the operation, get the goods on Dewitt and his partner, notorious mobster Mickey Roma (Jack LaRue), and then drop the dime on them. But Rita's not the only one after Roma. Government agent Bob Elliot (John Archer) is working undercover as a gangster. He knows that Rita is the key to his investigation—but how can he draw her over to his side?

Dot Burton (Faye Emerson) had always dreamed of becoming an actress, but a chance liaison with a group of mob men leads her into a life of crime instead. When the gang pulls off a bank heist of $40,000, Dot is left to take the rap alone. Not long after landing in the clink, Dot joins in on a breakout scheme. Back on the outside she learns that the gang is planning to snuff out the only man who has ever cared for her. Now Dot's only chance at redemption is to save him.

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered