Echo Bridge Entertainment

Night Shadow

Night Shadow
Principal Cast
Brenda Vance, Dane Chan, Kato Kaelin, Orien Richman, Tom Boylan, Mike Hamilton, Jeannette Lewis, Sally Robinson, Laura Graham, Alta Laflame, Mike Dyer, Fred Gott, Gary Tanner, Suzanne Brewer, Aldo Ray, Rick Scott
Randolph Cohlan
Alex, an up and coming TV journalist, returns to her hometown of Danford unaware that her brief encounter with a hitchhiker is about to result in unspeakable terror. As local government and police attempt to cope with a series of brutal murders, the small town plunges into a state of panic with shuttered homes, abandoned streets and padlocked businesses.

The murders continue. Their grisly nature leads to an inescapable conclusion: all are clearly the work of a monster, more beast than man. The trail of death leads to a dark and forbidding old mill, where Alex and her companions come face to face with the evil itself—a meeting that ends in an explosive encounter.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity, Adult Situations / Available in Canada