Echo Bridge Entertainment

Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy

Comedy, Romance
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
Principal Cast
Chad Willett, Ted Atherton, Falconer Abraham, Zachary Bennett, Marion Bennett, Ryan Gosling, Dan MacDonald, Jonathan Whittaker, Sarah Chalke
Kari Skogland
Rich Hobson is the Stanford-educated son of a New York congressman. Panhandle Phillips (Ted Atherton, Max Payne) has never been anything but a cowboy. Between Vancouver and the Yukon, they're trying to build the biggest cattle ranch in the world—with three untested teenage cowhands and Rich's new bride, Gloria McIntosh (Sarah Chalke, TV's Scrubs), a Vancouver debutante. As the ranch is about to pay off, World War II has broken out. Now they have to hold their dream together with no money, no resources but their own wits, and no margin for error—their biggest battle is not with the elements, but with themselves. Also starring Academy Award® nominee Ryan Gosling.
Not Rated - Profanity