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Once Upon a Texas Train / The Desert Trail / The Dawn Rider / The Over the Hill Gang / The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again

Once Upon a Texas Train / The Desert Trail / The Dawn Rider / The Over the Hill Gang / The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again
Captain Hayes of the Texas Rangers reached the pinnacle of his career when he captured the notorious John Henry and put him behind bars. But twenty years later, Hayes is forced out of retirement when Henry has evened the score…by holding up the Bank of Texas for $20,000 in gold. Starring Willie Nelson.

When rodeo star John Scott (John Wayne) and his pal Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler) are set up for the murder of Rattlesnake Gulch's paymaster (Henry Hall), they trail the real killer, Pete (Al Ferguson), and his right hand man, Jim (Paul Fix), to Poker City. But before they can finger the true culprits, John and Kansas find themselves framed once again—this time for highway robbery.

A botched robbery leads to the murder of John Mason's (John Wayne) father. John then chases after the killer thief and is wounded in the pursuit. As a result, Mason is taken to the home of Alice Gordon (Marion Burns), who nurses him back to health, and the two quickly fall in love. But Mason's blue skies soon turn gray when he discovers that the man responsible for his father's death is none other than Alice's very own brother.

A group of retirees who were once Texas Rangers get together to take down a crooked Nevada mayor and his cronies. But when the quartet realizes they aren't exactly the fastest guns in the west anymore, they're forced to use their brains rather than brawn to outwit the villains. The seasoned actors highlighted in this feature include: Chill Wills, Ricky Nelson, Gypsy Rose Lee, Pat O'Brien, Edward Andrews, Walter Brennan, Jack Elam, Edgar Buchanan and Andy Devine.

THE OVER THE HILL GANG RIDES AGAIN A follow up to the movie, The Over The Hill Gang, in which the elderly Rangers combat the criminals who attempt to overtake their town. The film includes the entire original cast with the exception of Pat O'Brien and the addition of Fred Astaire as The Baltimore Kid—a former Ranger who slips into alcoholism. But with the gang's encouragement, he reclaims his status as Waco's marshal and appoints the elderly lawmen his deputies. Together the pack becomes an unstoppable force.

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