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Once a Thief

Once a Thief
Principal Cast
Sandrine Holt, Ivan Sergei, Nicholas Lea, Jennifer Dale, Robert Ito, Michael Wong
Allan Kroeker, David Woo
Two fugitives, Li Ann Tsei (Sandrine Holt) and Mac Ramsey (Ivan Sergei) are fleeing from their "family," a powerful Hong Kong mob. Mac, a charismatic street hustler, and Li Ann, an alluring, strong-willed street urchin, were rescued from a life of destitution by "The Godfather" (Robert Ito). Along with his natural son Michael (Michael Wong), "The Godfather" raised his adopted children to become brilliant criminals, executing dangerous yet glamorous missions.

A bitter rivalry between Michael and Mac has developed over the years as they vie for the attentions of both Li Ann and their father. Li Ann and Mac are secretly a couple in love. When it is revealed that their father has arranged for Michael and Li Ann to marry, Mac and Li Ann decide they must escape, and they devise a plan to leave Hong Kong.

Suspecting their disloyalty, "The Godfather" thwarts the escape plan, igniting a lethal chain reaction pitting brother against brother. In the midst of gunfire and explosions, the lovers are separated. Both are separately recruited by the hard-nosed, results-oriented "Director" (Jennifer Dale) of a clandestine, crime-fighting unit based in Vancouver. They are teamed with Victor Mansfield (Nicholas Lea), a maverick ex-cop and assigned to investigate death threats against a crooked business man. While investigating his illicit business transactions, it is discovered that the Tang family has masterminded the plot. Once again, Mac and Li Ann must face their estranged adoptive brother and the tension mounts with double-crosses, murder and revenge, climaxing in a spectacular showdown of brilliant special effects and exploding passion and violence.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity