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Pilates/Yoga for AnyBODY

Pilates/Yoga for AnyBODY
Principal Cast
Theresa Borgren
Pilates for AnyBODY
Welcome to Theresa Borgren's Pilates For AnyBODY, based on the methodologies developed by Joseph Pilates. Theresa will demonstrate the correct ways to complete the movements, lead you in an invigorating warm-up and take you through moves to tighten and tone the torso area. Then it's on to a lower body workout, which will firm and trim the buttocks and thighs, followed by upper body exercises focusing on the shoulders, arms and back. Finally, a relaxing cool-down will leave you refreshed and at peace.

Pilates/Yoga for AnyBODY
Welcome to Theresa Borgren's Pilates / Yoga For AnyBODY, a program that combines the core conditioning of Joseph Pilates, the traditions of yoga, and the functional fitness of calisthenics. Theresa will demonstrate proper posture alignments, lead an energizing warm-up, take you through exercises to increase strength and improve endurance, show you body-lengthening stretches to improve flexibility and leave you refreshed with a cool-down.

About the Instructor
Theresa Borgren has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and has had her own Pilates, Yoga, and functional fitness business since 1996. She is a nationally certified instructor, and is very passionate about teaching the power, beauty, and potential that exists in every body.

Note: As with any other exercise program, it's recommended that you consult a physician before beginning.

Rated E / Available in Canada