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Pilates for AnyBODY

Pilates for AnyBODY
Principal Cast
Theresa Borgren
Dave Friend
Welcome to Theresa Borgren's Pilates for AnyBODY, based on the methodologies developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is an incredibly gentle, yet effective, form of exercise that stretches and strengthens muscles. Its benefits include increased strength, muscle tone, energy, and flexibility; enhanced alignment, coordination, and balance; improved core strength for pain-free movement; and reduced risk of injury and osteopathic problems. With the deep breathing and the complete focus required to perform each exercise correctly, Pilates can be a physically active form of meditation that will leave you in a better mood, mentally rested, and more energetic than when you started. Overall, Pilates is an incredibly uplifting experience.
Note: As with starting any exercise program, it's recommended that you consult a physician before beginning.

Pilates for AnyBODY is divided into seven segments. First, you'll meet the instructor, Theresa Borgren, and you'll learn a little about her history and practice. Next, Theresa will demonstrate the correct and incorrect ways to complete the movements, and she'll suggest some household items that can be used to help facilitate correct posture. After an invigorating warm-up, Theresa will take you through movements to tighten and tone the torso area. Then it's on to lower body exercises, which will firm and trim the buttocks and thighs. Next, an upper body workout utilizing the shoulders, arms, and back bring this exercise program full circle. After the entire body has been worked properly, a relaxing cool-down will take you back to your center, filling you with a sense of peace and accomplishment.

Theresa Borgren, who has a B.A. in dance, has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and has had her own Pilates, Yoga, and functional fitness business since 1996. She is a nationally certified instructor, mother of two, and is very passionate about teaching the power, beauty, and potential that exists in every body.

Theresa and Her Practice
Before We Begin
Warm Up
Torso Focus
Lower Body Focus
Upper Body Focus
Cool Down

Rated E / Available in Canada