Echo Bridge Entertainment


Principal Cast
Peter Brown, Ahna Capri, William Smith
Wildlife photographers Terry (Ahna Capri) and Jim Pendrake (Peter Brown) travel to the dense and mysterious Amazon Jungle. But the excitement they find there is not in the unusual plants and animals of the jungle, but rather in the fearful adventure ignited when they become a madman's quarry. Caribe (William Smith) is a marksman who takes pleasure in the hunt. Having captured the terrified couple, crazy Caribe lets them loose in the rain forest like fair game—they have a chance to escape and a chance to live. But if the homicidal hunter doesn't get them, the Amazon waters are teeming with vicious, flesh-eating piranha that will.
Rated PG / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered
  • Quiz