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Sci-Fi Classics Volume 2

Sci-Fi Classics Volume 2
Principal Cast
Don Sullivan, Lisa Simone, Douglas Kennedy, Marguerite Chapman, Peter Graves, Kent Taylor, Rodney Bell, Herb Evers, Virginia Leith
Another creation hailing from the great state of Texas, The Giant Gila Monster tells the story of a mammoth Gila Monster that terrorizes an unsuspecting town much in the same way that Godzilla did—by stomping through the city streets, crushing buildings and automobiles, knocking things over, and killing at will. When a local sports car aficionado's kid sister is nearly slain by the giant menace, he decides to take matters into his own hands and stop the monster from wreaking any more havoc.

An invisible man uses his transparent state to his advantage—robbing banks. Douglas Kennedy, with Marguerite Chapman as his mischief-making girlfriend, plays the transparent man. This sci-fi action thriller was filmed in Dallas at the Texas State Fairgrounds in 1960.

A group of extraterrestrials determined to take over Earth and make it their new home, station themselves in a canyon and set about their task. They begin with nuclear scientist Doug Martin (Peter Graves) by way of mind control and force him to engage in acts of spying and sabotage. When it dawns upon the scientist what is happening, he attempts to warn others but without success. Martin, in an act of heroism, swears to take the aliens out, regardless of the price he has to pay—even if it means his own life.

After a succession of puzzling deaths occur along the coast, Dr. Ted Stevens (Kent Taylor), a scientist, and detective William Grant (Rodney Bell), dispatched by the government, attempt to uncover who or what is responsible. But when the victims and their property betray evidence of radiation exposure, Grant begins to suspect that the Pacific College of Oceanography is involved. His suspicions are virtually confirmed when he discovers an associate of the college pacing the shore with a spear gun in hand. They then discover the trail of radiation spills from an unknown origin at the ocean's bottom, which the investigators fear is a monstrous sea beast that haunts the beach in search of prey.

In this 1950's cult classic, Dr. Cortner's (Herb Evers) central interest in medical science could be construed as beneficial to society—but not in an ethical, moralistic capacity. Instead of healing, he is attracted to the reanimation of the dead through electric shock. And when his fiancée, Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), is decapitated in an accident that he causes, Dr. Cortner becomes obsessed with the idea of making her whole again. He keeps her head alive in his laboratory, in part, by a serum he has developed. Dr. Cortner searches the streets for an attractive body for Jan, but she begins to resent Bill for not allowing her to perish in the accident. Back at the lab, an embittered Jan begins to plot her revenge…

Not Rated - Violence / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered