Echo Bridge Entertainment

Sinful Intrigue

Adult Drama
Sinful Intrigue
Principal Cast
Bobby Johnston, Beckie Mullen, Griffin Drew, Mark Zuelke
Edward Holzman
In this sizzling erotic thriller set against the backdrop of a beautiful neighborhood filled with rich, beautiful people, successful interior designer Stephanie Dorsey's (Beckie Mullen) marriage to her husband Adam (Bobby Johnston), a contractor, is on the rocks. Adam has a dark obsession that is driving them apart: kinky sexual fantasies that Stephanie wants no part of. The lack of fantasy fulfillment at home leads Adam into a steamy affair with his client Cindy (Griffin Drew). Although Stephanie suspects her husband's infidelity and begins flirting with the idea of an intimate encounter with their handyman Jake (Mark Zuelke), she soon discovers that there are other things to worry about. A masked predator is attacking Stephanie's friends, and she fears that she's next. But this is no ordinary serial predator—there's an ulterior motive at work, involving the Dorseys and a twisted game of greed and murder orchestrated by a person they least suspect…
Rated R / Available in Canada