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Soul Brothas 'n Sistas Volume 3

Soul Brothas 'n Sistas Volume 3
Principal Cast
Mario Van Peebles, Brendan Ward, Megan Van Peebles, Melissa Esposito, Martin Zurla, Carl Eller, Mercury Morris, Willie Lanier, Joe Greene, Ben Davidson, Gene Washington, Rod Perry, Charles P. Robinson, Phil Hoover, Ed Cross, Angela Brent, Johnnie Hill, Owen Watson, Frank Ruiz, Moses Illiya, Rene Van Clief
Recently released from a Mexican jail, Tony (Mario Van Peebles), a reformed criminal, is taken in by his sister Chrissie (Megan Van Peebles). Having paid for his past indiscretions, Tony is determined to walk the straight and narrow. Little does he know he will soon get the chance to redeem himself. When runaways Paul (Brendan Ward) and Michelle (Melissa Esposito) break into Chrissie's apartment and explain that they're on the run from their foster father, who's involved with an underground child pornography ring, Chrissie and Tony are shocked and horrified. Fueled by outrage, the South Bronx Heroes plot to put the deranged child molester out of business for good.

When it is discovered that a black boy at a southern high school is dating a white girl, the girl's brother and his biker gang viciously beat the boy to death. Now, a group of Vietnam vets returns to avenge their dead friend by taking on the racist bikers. It's 150 bikers against six very big, very tough guys who have only one thing on their minds—revenge. The Black Six stars famous football greats "Mean" Joe Greene, Carl Eller, Gene Washington, Willie Lanier, and Mercury Morris.

The people of Watts have been living in fear. White gangsters and thugs run the streets—dealing drugs and causing untold mischief and mayhem. To ease the suffering of the good citizens of Watts, General Ahmed (Rod Perry) forms an inner-city watchdog group. But Ahmed's go-to guy, Colonel Kojah (Charles P. Robinson), goes a step further by forming a neighborhood protection squad. And soon the group begins to take things too far—resorting to extreme measures like castration and even murder. But when the group begins to adopt Nazi practices, the community revolts, resulting in an all-out bloody war.

Lovely lady Johnnie Hill is Velvet Smooth—a sly detective agency owner who is as tough as she is cunning. She's got a soft spot for those in trouble and often takes on the toughest cases. So when she's approached by a former crime lord to take down a deadly group of scammers, she readily accepts and goes deep undercover—and occasionally under the sheets and blankets too!

Rated R / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered