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The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

TV Classics, Adventure
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island
With his assistant Hank (William Newell), Polynesian intelligence agent Mala (Ray Mala) travels to the tiny Clipper Island to investigate an apparent sabotage at the island's airport. He quickly discovers that a group of villains has invented technology to manipulate the island's volcanoes at will—but the natives believe that Mala is responsible! As he attempts to maintain peace with them, a tyrannical high priest, Porotu (John Piccori), plans a hostile takeover of the kingdom. Now, not only must Mala bring down the villains' operation, he must protect the island from the evil clutches of Porotu.

The Mysterious Island
Flaming Danger
Fathoms Below
Into the Enemy's Camp
Danger in the Air
God of the Volcano
Trail's End
The Jaws of the Beast
The Cave of the Winds
Wings of Fury
Agents of Disaster
Sea Trap
Thunder Mountain

Not Rated / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
  • Digitally Remastered