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The Arizona Kid

The Arizona Kid
Principal Cast
Roy Rogers, Sally March, Stuart Hamblen, Dorothy Sebastian, Earl Dwire
Roy Rogers, his trusty steed Trigger, and usual sidekick George "Gabby" Hayes, are dispatched to deliver horses to Missouri in 1861. When war suddenly breaks out, Roy and Gabby become Confederate scouts working against a gang of terrorists.

Includes 3 Bonus Movies!

Reporter, Steve Blane (Roy Rogers), arrives in Old Cheyenne in search of the subject of a series of articles: the infamous desperado Arapahoe Brown (George "Gabby" Hayes). But when Arapahoe winds up saving Blane's life, Steve realizes he's been misled—Brown isn't the bad guy he's been made out to be.

In this 1940s musical Western, the unbeatable singin' cowboy (Roy Rogers) takes on a group of rustlers who are profiting from the war by stealing steeds from local ranchers as fast as they can round them up and then selling them to the government at excessive prices.

Saloon proprietor Belle Bonner (Ona Munson) hopes to damage the reputation of newly reformed outlaw, Judge Grey (Harry Shannon). Unfortunately for Belle and her henchmen, intrepid (Roy Rogers) learns of the plan before it is set into motion, and he lays a trap to put the corrupt proprietress and her criminal crew out of business for good.

Not Rated / Available in Canada