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The Assault

The Assault
Principal Cast
Stacie Randall, Matt McCoy, Melissa Brasselle, Leo Rossi, Sandahl Bergman, Leslie Ryan
Jim Wynorski
Homicide cop Stacy Palermo (Stacie Randall) is a lady who has a way with the bad guys. So far, though, her talent at righting wrongs has been wasted on the little assignments…like her most recent case, an undercover bust at a strip club. The aggressive Stacy is partnered with the wisecracking Zigowski (Leo Rossi), who makes no bones about his crush on Stacy. But he's also a gentleman enough to see that his beautiful sidekick is skittish about relationships.

Everything changes for Stacy when the captain assigns her to "babysit" shaken Lisa Wilks (Leslie Ryan), whose boyfriend was killed by ruthless cocaine dealer, Blade (Rick Dean). Stacy suspects that Lisa knows more about Blade than she's telling. After figuring out that she can trust Stacy, Lisa admits the truth: she witnessed her boyfriend's slaying and can identify the killers. Stacy realizes she has embarked on the case of her career.

With Blade's thugs hot on the trail of Lisa, Stacy knows her charge has become the target of a city-wide gang hit.

Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity