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The Contract

The Contract
Hannah, a trained assassin on assignment with her partner, Luc, narrowly escapes death. Unfortunately, Luc isnít as lucky and now Hannah must fight to kill those responsible—before they can kill her first.

Includes 3 Bonus Movies!

A beautiful woman on the run bursts into Adam Ellisí (Craig Sheffer) apartment looking for help. But the man she fears is closely tied to the man she hopes will protect her. Co-starring Jürgen Prochnow.

Hired hitman Jack is having a career crisis. With a new job lined up and a different employment prospect hassling him to change teams, it seems business is good. But when a former flame shows up, her personal problems begin to interfere in a dangerous way.

Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen star in this thrilling story of a businessman and serial killer, both murderers and both on the run. Together this unlikely pair will go to great lengths to cover up their wrongdoings.

Rated R; Rated R; Not Rated - Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity; Rated R